Product Announcements

Sherwin Incorporated is the first manufacturer to offer water-based penetrants approved under MIL-I-25135 and listed on the QPL AMS-2644.

Sherwin WB-100 and WB-200, Level 1 and 2 penetrants respectively, may be used in place of any conventional Level 1 or 2 water-washable fluorescent penetrant, and with any QPL-approved developer, except water-soluble.

WB-100 and WB-200 have special advantages. Made without petroleum solvents or oil, their base ingredient is water; nonpolluting, inexpensive, and renewable. Free of petroleum distillates, they biodegrade readily and are more likely to be accepted by sewage treatment facilities.

WB-100 and WB-200 can be purchased in ready-to-use form or as a concentrate to which the user adds water. When purchased as a concentrate, freight charges and storage requirements are greatly reduced.

Both penetrants have excellent "self-developing" properties which, when conditions permit, eliminate or reduce the need to use a developer. WB-100 and WB-200 are a step forward in the evolution of penetrant technology. Contact Sherwin Incorporated or one of its representatives for additional information.