In-Use Testing

Sherwin Incorporated’s laboratory now offers annual contracts for in-use penetrant testing.

The annual contract reduces paperwork and overhead and represents a savings of nearly 20%, compared to billing for individual tests.

Schedule of In-Use Penetrant Materials Testing

  MIL-STD-6866 ASTM-E-1417
  Paragraph Frequency Paragraph Frequency
Fluorescent Brightness quarterly quarterly
Water Content (Method A only) monthly monthly
Removability (Method A only)* monthly monthly
Sensitivity* monthly weekly
Viscosity   optional   optional
Water Tolerance   optional   optional
Contamination/Separation*   optional optional
Removability (Method B&D)* weekly monthly
Water Content (Method B) monthly monthly
Magnetic Particle Bath - ASTM E-1444        
Viscosity     5.8.3 monthly
Background Fluorescence monthly


*Removability, Sensitivity, and Separation are often tested locally by the user.


Sherwin Incorporated’s QC Laboratory Service Includes:

  1. Providing plastic bottles with labels for forwarding samples.
  2. QC reports mailed within three working days after receiving samples. When requested, reports will be faxed without charge.
  3. Immediate phone notification of discrepancies.
  4. Consultation concerning discrepancies to prevent reoccurrence.
  5. Testing of all manufacturers’ materials.
  6. Providing consultation, materials, equipment and other assistance to help penetrant users establish in-house testing procedures.


Contact Person:

Bob Siegel, Laboratory Director

Sherwin Incorporated

5530 Borwick Avenue

South Gate, CA 90280

Phone: 562.861.6324