Product Announcements

Sherwin Incorporated has introduced new penetrant test panels, known as Twin KDS Panels. They have induced defects of known size and depth.

The panels were designed specifically as a realistic means for complying with the ASTM E-1417 requirement that in-use penetrants be compared side-by-side to new, unused penetrant.

Twin KDS Panels give accurate, reliable information not obtainable by referring to impressionistic verbal data, or to nonfluorescing photographs.

Manufactured with a proprietary, patent pending process that controls crack size and depth, Twin KDS Panels are the best means available for complying with the ASTM E-1417 requirement. At the same time, they are similar to PSM-5 Panels in that they are rugged and relatively inexpensive when compared to other test pieces, such as NiCr Panels. With a base metal of stainless steel, Twin KDS Panels withstand the rough handling and rigors of daily trips down the penetrant line.

A feature not shared with PSM-5 Panels is ease of cleaning between tests, complying with ASTM E-1417, A simple 30-minute soak in isopropyl alcohol clears the induced cracks of residual penetrant.